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Having a child diagnosed with cancer is DEVASTATING! 


One minute you are a “normal parent (or sibling or grandparent)” with “Normal Worries” then suddenly you are being smacked in the face with a new label “Cancer Kid”, “Cancer Parent”, “Super Sib”, Super Grand, etc. 


It was never something you planned for, yet you find yourself joining the world’s least desired club and seeking support. 


First, I am sorry you are here. How we wish you didn’t need to be here. 


But if there is anywhere to be, this would be the place. 

  • You are tired

  • You feel overwhelmed.

  • You feel numb.

  • You feel angry

  • You feel depressed.


Your anxiety is through the roof or maybe it’s  boiling beneath the surface, seconds away from exploding. 

You can’t figure out where to start to process this huge bomb that shattered every aspect of your life. 

You are trying to balance this new lifestyle with your child(ren) and your significant other/spouse. 

You need somewhere to process this! You need community!


Why not therapy?

This is the anomaly…..and the reason Family ChemoTherapy was created!


Parents aren’t going to therapy! BUT WHY?!


Maybe you 

  • aren’t “ready” for therapy. 

  • feel like you are barely keeping it together and you don’t want to open pandora’s box. 

  • are tired of keeping up with the sudden overload of clinic and specialist visits, adding one more appointment seems daunting. 

  • don’t have the time

  • don’t have the funds

  • Don’t have the Energy to commit to weekly sessions at a committed time.

  • Unsure which therapist would have experience with childhood cancer.

  • Are unable to leave the hospital room. 

  • Don't believe you need it 

  • Don't believe in it


Going to a therapist, you get to explore the impact of cancer trauma on you as an individual. But unless that therapist is familiar with the complexities, it takes time to get into the stabilization phase. 


Why is this Community for you?


This community is for those who need more than just an online chat board and needing to make true connections with other caregivers which combats the natural tendencies of isolation due to trauma. 

This is the group for those looking for a little more support from experts in the areas of our life that most get impacted. 

You just need some real human interaction but also want to be held accountable and encouraged in your struggles. 


Community Members instantly have access to FREE: 


- Private Online community with the other families ready to share in your joys and support you in your struggles. 

- Invitation to any community events (online and in-person)

- The Book Club 

-The Family ChemoTherapy Podcast, Blogs and Articles!

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