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My First "Official" published article!

It's Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! I am hoping to bring more resources to my platform in honor of these amazing warrior kids and their Super Sibs and Super Parents.

I have my first published article, and I was super excited last night and then super, SUPER nervous to share. #anxiety But I hope this is only the beginning as I work to advocate for Pediatric Cancer children and their families and I push through my own limiting thoughts. I will walk through the fire if that's where the Lord leads me.....

Last month, I was getting mentored by an ol’ high school friend about blogging and social media. You know, getting tips on how to do my mission better. She helped me set aside my own limiting thoughts of feeling very vulnerable about starting Family ChemoTherapy.

Well, days prior to our conversation, unbeknownst to me, she took a job as an editor at a local magazine, and she opened the door for me to write an article about “More than Four” which is a movement in the pediatric cancer world.

We weren’t sure if it would make it into the September issue for Childhood Cancer Awareness month, but she made magic happen. So it’s official. I have my first published article. Thank you, Lauren and Frisco Style Magazine, for seeing my passion and my vision and allowing me to bring awareness to Frisco residents about pediatric cancer in your September magazine issue.

Please head over to and read "More than Four" which can be found on page 66!

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