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What we Do!

So what exactly do we do? Great question! These are a few of the things we offer for families impacted by Childhood cancer. 

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Raise Awareness around Mental Health Support

The primary mission is to provide awareness around cancer and mental health while also providing psychosocial support and resources, and access to affordable counseling and psychotherapy. 


Annual DFW
Holiday Meals

This outreach program started as a way to cope through a diagnosis anniversary. Receiving a diagnosis on Thanksgiving and missing out on a good meal with family around the holidays is another unspoken sadness in families. In 2021, as a way to change the narrative around cancer-versary / diagnosis day, we joined other organizations to deliver meals. This has continued to grow and we have been able to provide meals made by award winning Chef Mark and meal gift cards to all three local childhood cancer treating hospitals for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Childhood Cancer Power Hour


Weekly Childhood Cancer Power Hour on Clubhouse App

Join us every week at 10:15 Eastern Time, on the Clubhouse Audio-Only App, to discuss weekly topics impacting families with childhood cancer, find inspiration, community and support! Adriana with Family ChemoTherapy joins Rosaria Kozar with Living with Scanxiety for an opportunity for families to find emotional and psychosocial support!

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This community is more than just the typical online platform. This community provides mental health resources, opportunities for virtual connection, a book club and group support. Both men and women are welcome. This program continues to evolve and provide additional services with the help of amazing volunteers! Learn more about it here.  If you know you are ready to join, don't wait, Join us here! 

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Book Club

The book club is unique way to process the emotions, the complex thoughts,  the grief and the trauma experienced by childhood cancer families. The facilitators are trained mental health professionals who know how to maximize the benefits of reading particular books to facilitate healing! 

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Although we do not currently offer therapeutic services, the goal for Family ChemoTherapy is to narrow down the list and connect childhood cancer families to a therapist local in their state who are Cancer-Informed.  If you are looking for a therapist, to join the ever-growing database (publishing soon) or to recommend a therapist and/or colleague, please contact us here

Childhood cancer therapy
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